Meet a Marble

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Marbles from Boston
  • Pam Garner

    Director of Mathematics

    Pam oversees Six Red Marbles’ mathematics projects, ensuring that they meet and even exceed client standards—and always get delivered right on time. She also hires, trains, and mentors the editors and project managers who work with her every day. Pam brings 30 years of experience in education. For 15 years, she worked at major textbook publishers. And she taught secondary math for 15 years—giving her a frontline perspective on what kids need in education today.

    Pam has kissed Danny DeVito, wrapped toilet paper around Dale Evans’s house, babysat for Matthew McConaughey, and gotten email from Billy Idol.

  • Heather Gunsallus

    Executive Director, Operations

    The “Project Success Queen,” Heather is a former math teacher who now specializes in delighting our clients with her pure savvy. She gets curriculum development. She brings strategic thinking. She owns execution. She’s launched programs across virtual universities and for publishers preK-adult. ‘Nuff said? All hail.

    Heather married her high school sweetheart—Aw! And she’s waaaay too into her daughter’s math projects..

  • John Kenney

    Senior VP of Business Development

    John is in charge of expanding Six Red Marbles’ business and building strong, substantial relationships with clients. He bolsters the company’s presence in the market—letting educators, school systems, and publishers know just what Six Red Marbles can do to help them succeed. John has been with the company for seven successful years. Previously, he worked in financial services. But like so many other marbles, he started out in education as a teacher.

    When he’s not rolling around the office, John has his hands full raising three young boys. He coaches both soccer and lacrosse—and loves his family time.

  • Mark Grayson

    Executive Director of STEM

    Mark heads up Six Red Marbles’ efforts in STEM: science, technology, engineering. and mathematics (or, as he likes to joke, “everything but reading”). Educators recognize STEM as critical for ensuring America’s competitive edge. So every day, Mark provides his management, vision, and perspective to help America’s kids rise to the challenge. He brings 20 years of experience in creating innovative curriculum materials. And he shows no signs of slowing down.

    Mark is very proud of his science-based tie collection. He enjoys closely observing the politics of the Texas State Board of Education, and he wishes he could juggle.

  • Dave Reinhold

    Director of Production Technologies

    Dave spearheads an integrated production technology team with vast responsibilities. He communicates across departments—ensuring that every step of a project moves along efficiently. Dave has been with Six Red Marbles for 18 years. His experience spans all the departments he now coordinates: production, editorial, technology, and project management. So Dave is not afraid to propose a new, innovative approach—or roll up his sleeves.

    Dave grew up on a farm and learned to fly his Dad’s private plane in high school. He also has an Apple logo tattooed on his arm. (The man loves his Macs.)

  • Michele Campbell

    Director of Design

    Michele shapes the work of Six Red Marbles’ design teams with endless curiosity for what makes communications click. Her POV and passions span graphic design, UX, branding, marketing communications and strategy. So look out, learning world. This marble’s working from a full toolbox.

    Michele runs marathons and plays cello.  And she'll happily persuade you that Vivaldi was the Eddie Van Halen of his day.

  • Sarah White

    President, Founder

    The “Rabble Rouser,” Sarah has steered Six Red Marbles through dramatic changes. In 1996, she co-founded the company with an ambitious goal: to collaborate with educational publishers and bring bold, creative technology products to life. She assembled a multi-disciplinary team whose experience spanned education, publishing and software development (the aforementioned “rabble”). And today, she and her passionate team create products that inspire learners everywhere.

    Sarah's “body clock” runs from 4:30AM to about 9:30PM. She doesn't rise with the birds...she wakes them up.

  • Jacques Driscoll

    Chief Executive Officer

    Since 2009, Jacques has led Six Red Marbles' rapid transformation into one of the most innovative and respected companies in the learning space. Previously, he helped West Publishing transition from a print-centric model to a fully-integrated print/digital platform. And as founder of Spyglass Creative, he helped more than 35 companies build strong brands and achieve record sales. Jacques received his BA from Harvard and his JD from William Mitchell College of Law.

    Jacques grew up on a farm in rural Minnesota, but he remains an uncertain cow milker and believes horses are best appreciated from the ground.

  • Linda Bullock

    Director of Learning and Curriculum

    This irrepressible marble NEVER stops rolling! After starting out teaching K-12 and undergrads, Linda has worked as a reading specialist on a Navajo reservation, a magnet program curriculum coordinator, and a school district director of curriculum, assessment, and professional development . . . working in spaces from a leaky portable to a World War II tank repair shop. With a PhD from University of Texas, Linda’s learning programs can now be found all over the US.

    Linda is committed to keeping Austin “weird.” She’s a huge fan of Scandinavian mystery novels, she's a host parent to 13 foreign exchange students, and she's working to e-publish her own book, Paradise Taxi.

  • Roy O’Neill

    Director of Information Technology

    Roy is Six Red Marbles’ systems integration and infrastructure specialist, responsible for “All Things IT.” With 15 years of experience in the industry as everything from a desktop technician to his current leadership role, Roy is an IT lifer. He’s particularly proud of his experience and talent in web application design and development. He taught a class on web design applications for four years, and his course material was submitted through the State of Florida.

    Roy enjoys taking his family on geocaching outings—outdoor treasure hunts powered by GPS devices. He will, however, go acoustic . . . when his baby girl wants him at her tea party.

  • John Marino

    SVP Business Development

    Watch out, status quo. The “Good-willed Ambassador,” John champions learning innovations to push the education world forward, forward, forward. He’s been with McGraw Hill, he’s been with Scholastic. And he’s also been a fifth grade teacher. Passion, meet purpose. That’s John.

    John is such a big supporter (fan) of the Tottenham Football Club (English soccer team) that he named his dog Tottenham (good boy!) in their honor.

  • Laura Gleason


    What’s that, up in the sky? It’s a writer, it’s an editor, it’s a curriculum developer, it’s a project manager, it’s . . . Laura! In her seven years at Six Red Marbles, Laura has steadily risen through the ranks to become a Director, and today she leads large-scale editorial, production, and learning programs in both the humanities and STEM. Busily assessing needs and finding solutions, Laura demonstrates a clear love for learning and is an inspiration to marbles everywhere.

    Laura has always had a song in her heart. A lifelong student of music, you’ll often find her at the piano or lending her voice to community choral groups in her free time.

  • Prashant Jain

    Operations Head, India

    Based in Delhi, this “Make-It-Happen” marble builds teams and juggles resources across creative, content, production, and interactives. Prashant has never met a process he couldn’t streamline. And his past experience in sales, marketing, and operations makes him a great communicator and major can-do force for change.

    Prashant loves traveling India with his two kids in tow and used to play competitive table tennis.

  • Bonnie Dobkin

    Executive Director of Humanities

    Bonnie is an undisputed expert in words, writing and education. And every day, she helps conceptualize and develop print/digital programs for Six Red Marbles clients. Bonnie started out as a teacher. Then, in 1979, she stormed the world of educational publishing. As VP and Editorial Director for Language Arts at McDougal Littell/Houghton Mifflin, she led development of several flagship programs (leading to big increases in market share). She’s also a well-published author.

    Bonnie has written, directed and performed in musicals since age seven. Her love of all things theatrical led to 15 minutes of fame in 2004, when she appeared on the reality show Mad Mad House.

  • Katie Turcot

    Director of Human Resources and Administration

    Katie is an experienced human resources professional with over 10 years in the field. Her main goal is to keep the “human” in human resources, so her door is always open. Have any questions about the 401(k), HRA, FSA, or FMLA? Katie’s your go-to. But she also has a strong background in finance. This made it possible for her to work closely with her CFO—and assume responsibility for all Six Red Marbles invoicing and payroll. Happy, busy Katie.

    Over the summer, Katie loves to beach and boat at her home on Cape Cod. But come winter, she’s a certified hockey mom. Both her son and her daughter play for the Natick Comets.

  • Jason Gorman

    Director of Learning Design

    Jason works with his team to shape content delivery and redefine learning environments as natural, vibrant spaces for students to build their own knowledge. He has demonstrated his passion for innovation at Boston University, Simmons College, and most recently at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Jason started out as an English teacher and taught as far away as the United Arab Emirates. Today, his insights are at work across K-12 schools, universities, nonprofits, and companies.

    When Jason isn’t working hard as learning design marble-in-chief, you’ll find him playing with, learning from, and generally goofing around with . . . his two daughters.

  • Joanne Markow

    Chief Operating Officer

    The “Bridge Builder,” Joanne coordinates US / UK clients and our global staff with creative flair, business smarts, and an anthropologist’s heart. Her motley marble crew spans curriculum, art, learning design, ELL, and interactive development. She credits Harvard. But we’re pretty impressed with her 20 years in educational technology, too.

    Joanne loves bizarre travel expeditions, skydiving, and every bruise she earns as a competitive figure skater.

  • Amy Losi

    Director of Assessment

    Amy admits to being “testy” after spending the last twenty years developing assessments for publishing companies including Steck-Vaughn, Macmillan, and The Princeton Review. She created the assessments for Macmillan’s Treasures reading program and wrote 140 reading and math test blueprints for New York City. Amy ran training sessions for item reviewers and administrators and kept audiences awake with test jokes, such as: “I didn’t know anything before I started going to school. I still don’t know anything, but now they test me on it.” As a teacher, she created family math nights and an after-school drama club and wrote and directed classroom plays. She has a BA in English/creative writing and master’s degrees in English and elementary education. And she loves to bake!

    On weekends, Amy runs to auditions or indulges her passion for acting at one of New York’s off-off-Broadway theaters. She has appeared in over two dozen plays, a commercial, two TV shows, and a comedy/improv show that ran for over a year.

  • David Powell


    David keeps an eye on Six Red Marbles’ big financial picture. He comes with over 18 years of financial and management experience—and a passion for making everyone on the team feel truly valued…and invested.  He’s also proud to have been nominated for “CFO of the Year” by the Boston Business Journal.

    When he’s done crunching the numbers, David likes to find time for travel, his family…and the nearest golf course.

  • Justin Lapierre

    Lead Software Architect

    Demand that Six Red Marbles’ production teams, learning designers, engineers, and developers take you to their Geek Leader—and they’ll lead you straight to Justin. This marble has a blinding passion for education technology. He’s got a degree from MIT. And with 15 years of software engineering experience across systems, frameworks, and technologies (from Houghton Mifflin College Division to upstart startups), there’s no learning marvel he can’t build.

    Justin is conversant in Japanese. He also has an unusual love of ferrets, with many stories to share.

  • Allison Rudmann

    Director of Social Studies

    A long-time marble with a solid background in editorial and project management, Allison has become Six Red Marbles’ go-to gal for all things social studies. She previously worked for the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Baton Rouge. There, she witnessed just how many different ways students can learn—and dedicated herself to reaching every learner. Today, she keeps large-scale projects moving, finds the solution in every problem—and never forgets the learner’s experience.

    When she’s not busy chasing her three-year-old daughter around, Allison is a real drama queen. She’s done tons of community theater, including shows that have won national awards.