Our Six Core Principles


Neuroscience knows best

Amazing discoveries have been made about the neuroscience of learning, why whole-brain engagement is best and how brain functions and emotions interact to build knowledge. Everyone's talking about how it'll all shape tomorrow's pedagogy. But why wait? We're putting these insights in practice—now.


Tribal pedagogy works

Time-tested and nature-approved, there are fundamental methods that just deserve respect. We inspire fearless learning in kids by sharing stories, letting them try things for themselves and demonstrating how lessons connect to life. We live by what Africa taught us: memorization can't beat experimentation.


Play is productive

Learning is a creative adventure—and it should feel like one. We know that novelty spikes everyone's curiosity. And we know that when they're captivated, they don't mind taking risks, asking questions and exploring everything around them. Play unravels the idea that school is scary. We wised up and put play to work.


Curriculum must adapt

Learners aren't just students, they're individuals. Why should one class even try to fit all? Our online learning tools adapt, respond and personalize every learner's journey. Progress is personal. So we give every student, no matter what remediation they need, a clear and singular path to meet their goals.


Technology is today

Using technology to deliver learning tools and programs just makes sense. Online platforms reduce costs for institutions, and they provide current information in smart, digestible pieces. Mobile devices, with all their novelty, attract learners like crazy. And with all that technology can do today, why confine content to the classroom or in a book? We set learning free—so it's available anywhere, anytime.


Easy see, easy do

Every program we make is easy to use, because learning curves put off learning. Interfaces are intuitive, so students engage by instinct. Teachers and instructors quickly generate reports and personalize learning. Check in anytime. We keep our technology invisible; people connect with content. Simple, smart, easy.