Natural Learning

There are many ways to describe what we marbles do. We create, design and deliver learning products for schools, publishers, universities, foundations, and technology companies. But really, our specialty is natural learning—no matter what project we’re on. 

By nature, people love to explore the world around them. So why don’t they always love education? Because pedagogy strayed too far from nature. Too many learners can’t see the connection between lessons and life.

We’re fighting back—and fighting for our futures—with our Natural Learning Approach™. It’s grounded in the best, most recent neuroscientific research into how brains learn. And it’s supported by our study of tribal pedagogies in Africa, where schools with limited resources produce amazing students.

People already know how to learn, naturally. And supporting learners is the most important thing we do. Check out our Six Core Principles.


Science Says

  • whole-brain learning is best (no more right vs. left)
  • novelty and necessity are great motivators
  • stories make learning more memorable
  • emotions play a huge role in students’ success
  • social interactions support learning
  • memory exercises make learners more aware
  • providing many routes to the “right answer” inspires more creativity
  • simple, intuitive tools engage learners best