Assessment Solutions

Six Red Marbles’ Assessment Solutions provides comprehensive services for all your question-and-answer needs. We can write assessments, explanations, underlying rationales, and carefully crafted hints for all types of questions. The solutions give learners the information they need to arrive at the correct answer to a problem. Whether it’s test prep, textbooks, workforce assessment, or professional training and development, we can provide high-volume, high-quality, and low-cost solutions.

SRM has developed a proprietary workflow tool that can be used for all types of questions, from multiple choice and multiple select to step-by-step calculations and visual representations. The Marbles Answering Platform (MAP) is customizable and is a browser-based solution that can work with your system.

Benefits of Working with an Assessment Solutions Partner

  • High Quality at Scale
    Our proprietary tool allows for greater throughput and quality controls, which translates to a more robust experience for your users.
  • Faster Speed to Market
    With our system already in place, we can reduce your ramp-up time and increase your output.
  • Metadata Management
    Our skilled data management team will tag questions and responses to ensure your content is cataloged, searchable, and optimally useful for your customers.
  • Dedicated Subject Matter Experts
    You can reduce your overhead and administrative burden by leveraging our large team of vetted SMEs instead of hiring full-time employees or freelancers on your own.

Leverage our tried-and-true process,technology, and expertise to reduceyour ramp-up time and increase your output.

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