3 Key Strategies for School Districts to Prepare for the Coming Year 

Apr 30, 2024

3 Key Strategies for School Districts to Prepare for the Coming Year 

As summer approaches, school districts face the essential task of preparing for the upcoming academic year.  With Six Red Marbles’ track record of developing materials for the world’s largest publishers and edtech companies, let us help you make the most of existing content without reinventing the wheel. Here are three key considerations to guide your district in maximizing this critical time, with expert support for your district. 


  1. Comprehensive Content Review and Localization 

To kick off a productive summer, districts should conduct a thorough review of their current curricula to ensure the content is not only up-to-date but also culturally and regionally appropriate. This involves evaluating materials for relevance and accuracy, as well as adapting them to reflect local context and community values. Six Red Marbles excels in this area, offering specialized content reviews that incorporate considerations such as social and emotional learning (SEL), the Science of Reading, and diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA). By localizing content and creating custom open educational resources (OER), we help districts enhance accessibility and engagement, ensuring that learning materials are not only educational but also deeply resonant with students. 


  1. Gap Analysis and Standards Alignment 

Performing a detailed gap analysis to identify any discrepancies between current educational materials and required standards will support a successful new academic year from day one. This analysis helps pinpoint areas where the curriculum may fall short in meeting state or subject-specific standards, such as Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Following this, districts can undertake a targeted curriculum alignment process, adjusting content to better meet these standards. Six Red Marbles supports districts in these efforts by aligning curricula with educational goals and standards, thereby ensuring that every piece of content not only meets but exceeds the requisite educational benchmarks. 


  1. Custom Content Development and Augmentation 

Finally, the summer break is an ideal time for districts to consider the development of custom content. This can range from augmenting existing materials with content and curriculum updates and innovative teaching methods to creating entirely new content sets tailored to specific educational needs. Six Red Marbles offers robust, high-quality custom content development and enhancement services, leveraging tools such as 3D models and generative AI to craft immersive and interactive learning experiences. Content augmentation is another area where we excel at keeping your timelines ahead of schedule and maintaining excellence throughout your curricula. This approach revitalizes outdated materials and injects new life into the educational process, making learning more engaging and effective. 


Why Partner with Six Red Marbles? 

Choosing Six Red Marbles as your partner in educational content development means opting for a blend of experience, customization, and cost-effectiveness. Our three decades of expertise in serving top edtech companies and publishers equip us with the unique ability to provide high-quality, tailored solutions. Our commitment to partnership means we view your success as our success. Collaborating with us ensures that your curriculum is dynamic, relevant, and aligned with both educational standards and your district’s specific needs. 

Ready to enhance your curriculum for the next school year? For more information or to schedule a quick consultation, visit us here or contact Devon, our Sales Development Representative, who is ready to assist you in exploring the benefits of our tailored educational solutions. 

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