The Benefits of Learning Experience Design

Jan 17, 2024

In education, the combination of creativity, technology, and pedagogy has proven to enhance learner experience successfully. Six Red Marbles’ (SRM) Learning Experience Design (LXD) team uses a custom approach to transform education. Partnering with us for your LXD needs is beneficial for these reasons: 

  • Learner-Centered Design: Our LXD team doesn’t just move courses online. They understand the unique environment and needs of your learners. They customize experiences, leveraging our deep understanding of how people learn, using tailored personas to ensure every interaction has an impact and is memorable. 
  • Creative Instructional Design: We transcend traditional instructional design by infusing creativity into the process, inspiring growth and change. Our experts believe in intuitive, empowering, and exciting learning. This commitment includes a dedicated effort to understand the learner’s perspective, ensuring your courses resonate with their needs and challenges. 
  • Expertise in Pedagogy and Technology: SRM’s learning experience designers have decades of experience in education. They blend pedagogy, design thinking, learning science, and technology to create innovative learning experiences. This combination leverages industry-standard tools and new emerging tools that enhance engagement to improve outcomes for learners. 
  • Early Identification of Risks: Our LXD approach identifies and tests product risks early, saving costs during production. We focus on the learner and their environment to create experiences that resonate with modern students. 
  • Customization for Every Organization: Our LXD team recognizes the uniqueness of each organization and ensures a personalized approach. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions; instead, we work with you from start to finish, bringing your distinct vision to life.

One of our clients, Jellyvision, shared “SRM was super easy to work with, and we’re really happy with how the end product turned out. The quality of work is great, and I really enjoyed working with them.” We aim to bring the same satisfaction to all our current and potential customers, like you!  

Ready to Transform Learning Experiences? Let’s Talk! Whether you’re starting from scratch or wanting to improve existing offerings, our team of experienced LXD professionals is ready to assist you. Let’s collaborate to bring your learning goals to life—innovatively and with impact. 

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