Making Accessibility Easy – we’ve developed a tool to help automate alt text for eBooks

Aug 14, 2019

Many of our clients come to us knowing they need to make their content accessible but aren’t sure what that means. Or, they do know what it means, but the process would require painstakingly reviewing each page of an eBook for images, creating a spreadsheet of said images and suggested alt text and sending that spreadsheet around to all reviewers until finalized, before going back into the eBook to add alt text to each photo individually.

That’s a LOT of work just to add descriptions to images!


IMAP—or Image Metadata Authoring Platform—is a tool developed by SRM’s parent company, Jouve, to streamline the delivery of accessible content to learners with disabilities and to help clients focus on development instead of administrative tasks.

  • iMAP cuts out the manual effort currently required to add alt text to existing books and texts.
  • A web-based platform, iMAP allows your team to upload complete eBooks directly into the system, which then pulls out all photos needing alt text for you.
  • Not only does it save you time on going through and manually locating those photos—it also includes the context around the photos for reviewers when they’re writing the alt text.



All reviews and final approvals take place directly in the platform, which also acts as an alt text management system, keeping track of changes, reviewers, updates, and more. Once the alt text updates are final and approved, the platform also creates the final EPUB file for you, which you can download directly to your desktop.

How easy is that?



iMAP is both a platform and a management system, taking the administrative tasks out of the alt text creation process and allowing the addition of alt text to more eBooks in a shorter period of time.

SRM is committed to investing in the future of digital accessibility through ongoing research and development. By keeping pace with accessibility requirements, we can continue to provide high-quality content for every type of learner while meeting the highest standards for accessibility.

Want to see a demo of how the tool works in real time? Reach out to us at the contact us button above!

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