Our Partnership with University of the Sciences: Technology, Scale, and Planning

Nov 19, 2019

Universities have learned over the past few years that you cannot simply copy and paste existing, face-to-face content into an LMS and hope that will be enough for students—especially in healthcare, where most if not all courses require labs or hands-on activities. Students in this day and age are not only aware of emerging technologies; they know that technology and media advancements could and should be used to complement the content of the course being digitized.

For University of the Sciences, we have partnered to create over 150 online healthcare courses over the next few years as the university, which has a nearly 200-year history of educating healthcare and science leaders, works to offer its expertise to students, no matter where they are. USciences students have a proven track record of success, and alumni are ranked among the highest earners in the country following graduation, according to the U.S. Department of Education. With USciences’ new division, USciences Online, this high-quality education will become more accessible to more students.

But moving courses online yourself means a huge investment, especially if you want to move an entire program online at scale—and especially if you mean to meet student demand for engaging, interactive content. Without the bandwidth to scale up to meet development goals, many universities are forced to choose between revenue-sharing OPMs or hiring internal staff to meet demands, both of which are costly (the former in terms of ownership and the latter in terms of capital). SRM is a viable middle ground, acting as a temporary extension of your existing team to complete your online programs at scale and with interactivity—and the university owns everything upon completion.

University of Sciences in Philadelphia is seeking to create online healthcare programs that will offer USciences Online students the same quality experience as a face-to-face course. Realizing the challenges of taking this on itself, the school reached out to us for help.

Six Red Marbles has a unique scalability model, ensuring that the more you develop with us, the faster, more congruous, and more cost-effective that development is. How is it possible to continuously produce at scale without losing quality? It’s because Six Red Marbles uses a program planning phase to ensure we have accounted for everything, including:

  • addressing staffing needs
  • the environment and peers of learners to influence content
  • mapping content to media, identifying where static content can become interactive content
  • preserving the learning outcomes and vision of the professors or developing them
  • building scalable teams to meet goals and deadlines within the preset timeframe

All of this work is done alongside your team, before any development begins.

We are excited to be able to scale development and provide interactive content development expertise to our partner in an effort to meet its students where they are—online!—with content designed to keep them enthralled and engaged with what they’re learning. Our learning experience design, content development, media development, technology, and project management teams are excited for the opportunity to help lead the way in healthcare online course development.

Are you looking for an alternative solution to your course development needs? Roll on over to our Higher Ed page to see how we might help.

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