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Leaving Behind “No Child”?

Jul 28, 2014

What is known in polite circles as No Child Left Behind has many roots in Texas. Many recall that this signature accomplishment of George W. Bush’s presidency was based on an expansion of the testing regime he’d promoted in Texas while governor there. But the history and the connections to Texas go back further, and Texas may just be where to look for clues about the future of national education policy.

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Put Us to the Test: Testing in the Time of Technology

Jun 17, 2014

The new assessments have been surrounded by controversy on several fronts. One has been the support and funding of the Gates Foundation. Critics have pointed out that Microsoft stands to gain from the tests’ reliance on technology, a view that has angered Bill Gates. In the June 7th Washington Post, Gates has defended his support of the Common Core by saying, “Education can get better. Some people may not believe that. Education can change…I believe in the Common Core because of its substance and what it will do to improve education. And that’s the only reason I believe in the Common Core…this is philanthropy. This is trying to make sure students have the kind of opportunity I had.”

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STEMtastic! The wonderful, weird, and wild world of science/technology/engineering/math

Jun 10, 2014

Celebrities in STEM: Some of the biggest stars of the past few decades have surprising backgrounds in science, math, and engineering! Check out the fascinating STEM credentials of these celebrities.

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Illustrations: An Integral Part of a Story

May 21, 2014

Weren’t we always told not to judge a book by its cover? Well, apparently that’s exactly what children do. At least I did. When I was growing up, illustrations played a vital role in my life and—who would’ve thought?—my career! Illustrations pushed many of us to become readers.

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