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Reflections on 2020 as a Disruptive Year and Questions for the Future

Jan 28, 2021

Six Red Marbles’ President & CEO, David Goodman, reflects on the disruption caused by COVID-19 and poses questions about the future of education.

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Cooking Up a Leveled-Text Program

Dec 18, 2020

What can benchmark a student’s reading level, focus all eyes during a guided reading session, and provide opportunities for instructional practice in everything from phonics to reading comprehension strategies?

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A Time to Be Thankful

Nov 19, 2020

This Thanksgiving, it is important to take time to reflect upon the collective herculean efforts secondary and postsecondary educational institutions made in order to ensure their respective learners had few disruptions to their education during this challenging pandemic. Let’s remember to be grateful for the collective efforts that have been made by faculty, students, and administrative and support staff to ensure there are as few disruptions as possible in how our students learn.

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Recipe for Success: A Well-Written Contract Can Make All the Difference for Your Project

Oct 27, 2020

To build a relationship with another organization, the primary goal is for you and the other organization to agree on how your project should go. We regularly write contracts with our clients, and we’ve learned some useful things along the way.

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