One World Observatory and Six Red Marbles Join Forces to Elevate Educational Experiences for Students

Aug 30, 2023

[NEW YORK, NY 8.30.2023] – The One World Observatory, located in Manhattan, has a vision to create an extraordinary learning journey for visitors. One World Observatory partnered with Six Red Marbles, a leading provider of innovative educational solutions, to create an engaging and immersive experience for students of all ages. 

With a focus on enriching the visitor experience and placing education at the forefront, One World Observatory has strategically partnered with SRM to invigorate its educational offerings. Aligning the student experience with curriculum standards was a pivotal goal, infusing the visit with purpose. The result is a comprehensive experience that transcends conventional boundaries, offering activities that can be done before, during, and after a visit and catering to school groups, community organizations, and families alike. This initiative reshapes learner engagement and nurtures a profound appreciation for New York City’s vibrant heritage, forging a lasting connection to its captivating history and culture.  

“In partnering with One World Observatory, we reinforce our joint commitment to enhancing student learning,” said Craig Halper, CEO at Six Red Marbles. “We will create a meaningful and immersive journey that cultivates a deep understanding of New York City’s history and significance. By seamlessly merging education with exploration, we empower students with knowledge that resonates beyond their visit.” 

One World Observatory and SRM developed a set of five compelling topics spanning nine engaging lessons. For grades 35, students explore the financial impact of the Hudson River on New York City, delving into the influence of science, engineering, and technology on society and the natural world. 

In grades 68, learners investigate the density, diversity, and economy of New York City, connecting social, cultural, and economic aspects to the city’s development throughout history. 

For high school students in grades 912, the focus shifts to New York City’s financial district and its role in globalization. Learners discover the positive and negative impacts of the rise of the global economy on the city. 

Through the collaborative effort of One World Observatory and SRM, students across all grade levels now enjoy a visual, digital, and interactive learning experience while visiting the iconic One World Observatory. The curriculum aligns with educational standards, fostering critical thinking and cross-cutting concepts, all while igniting a sense of wonder and exploration. 

The process of working with Six Red Marbles was very seamless. It’s clear that they are subject matter experts and understood the goals we were aiming to achieve at One World Observatory. Numerous educators have already benefited from the new curriculum guidance.” – Blaine McCurry, Director of Marketing, Sales and Sponsorship, One World Observatory.  

About One World Observatory (OWO): 

A world-renowned attraction, One World Observatory is located at the top of One World Trade Center and provides guests with unique, panoramic views of New York City, its most iconic sites, and surrounding waters from 1,250 feet. A thrilling journey to the top and an awe-inspiring reveal of the seemingly endless view evokes feelings of pride, hope, and resilience. Live interactive experiences showcase the City’s deep history and varied cultures. For more information visit:

About Six Red Marbles   

Six Red Marbles (SRM) delivers high-quality educational programs at scale and has decades of experience developing custom materials and assessments that can align with any educational standard. We have developed thousands of interactive learning programs for school districts, publishers, colleges, universities, and more with the support of our global network of subject matter experts. A privately held company based in Boston, Mass., SRM brings modern, innovative instructional design, content and curriculum development, project management, and publishing to preK–12, higher education, adult learning, and publishing markets around the world.    

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