Sana Labs and Six Red Marbles Announce Partnership for Personalized Learning Solutions

Jun 20, 2019

Six Red Marbles (SRM) is partnering with Sana Labs, an artificial intelligence (AI) company using machine learning to personalize education. This partnership supports the companies’ joint mission to provide personalized learning solutions at scale for increased proficiency and engagement in online education.

“We are proud to add Sana Labs’ AI capabilities to the educational solutions we offer to our partners and clients. The synthesis of SRM’s deep pedagogical expertise with personalization powered by the Sana AI technology will be a game-changer for providing personalized education at scale,” said David Goodman, CEO and President of Six Red Marbles.

”As experts in AI, it’s important to join forces with the best in content to offer a comprehensive offering to our customers. With Six Red Marbles’ six core services, the Sana technology becomes the seventh. This allows us to jointly personalize education at scale,” said Joel Hellermark, CEO of Sana Labs.

This partnership will bridge the gap between linear and personalized learning by combining the companies’ core services. The partnership allows SRM to integrate Sana Labs’ personalized learning technology into digital courses and programs, creating learning experiences that can increase student retention, engagement, and proficiency.

Based on how previous students have learned, Sana Labs’ machine learning technology recommends the right question, explanation, or theory at the most optimal time for each user. Measuring response times and arrays of contextual information, the Sana technology recommends in real time the most optimal learning path to maximize engagement and learning outcomes. Sana technology has been shown to increase retention by 34% and student proficiency by 1.8 times (Sana Labs, 2019).

To learn more about the services available through this partnership, reach out to Six Red Marbles at r.zaccardo(at) If you would like to bring personalization to your online learning platform with Sana Labs, please write to joel(at)

About Six Red Marbles
Six Red Marbles (SRM) is a privately held company based in Medford, Mass. SRM brings modern, innovative instructional design, content and curriculum development, project management, and publishing to preK–12, higher education, adult learning, and publishing markets around the world. SRM delivers high-quality educational programs at scale and has decades of experience developing custom materials and has developed thousands of interactive learning programs and more with the support of a global network of subject matter experts.

About Sana Labs
Sana Labs is a global company based in Stockholm, Sweden, that develops artificial intelligence for education. By applying recent breakthroughs in machine learning, Sana personalizes digital education courses based on each student’s unique learning patterns. Education companies around the globe subscribe to Sana Labs’ machine learning platform to recommend the optimal next step for each student when learning a course—increasing the engagement and learning outcome. Our interdisciplinary team consists of leading engineers and scientists with backgrounds ranging from Imperial College and CERN to Google and Spotify. To learn more, please visit

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