Six Red Marbles and FitMoney

Jan 24, 2022

BOSTON, Massachusetts—Six Red Marbles (SRM) is partnering with FitMoney to build a gamified, learner-driven curriculum that will be able to be used on its own without parent or teacher assistance. It is designed to complement instructor-led materials while putting materials directly in the hands of children in grades K–5 to help them build a “financially fit” future.

“Studies show that students are lacking in fundamental financial literacy,” said David Goodman, President and CEO of Six Red Marbles. “FitMoney’s free curriculum is changing that dynamic and giving youth the critical lifelong skills they will need. Six Red Marbles is excited to be part of this project preparing students for the future.”

Six Red Marbles’ team of experienced content developers and learning experience designers is working with FitMoney to build engaging modules that introduce topics such as budgeting and income. The program will teach financial literacy from a young age and reinforce the concepts yearly as students start to resonate with their applicability.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Six Red Marbles, a terrific organization that shares our goals,” said FitMoney Executive Director Jessica Pelletier. “The data shows that financial literacy skills and behaviors develop at a very young age. This new interactive curriculum responds in a fun, educational, and accessible way for all.”

Six Red Marbles is a leading U.S.-based content development and education technology company providing content solutions to education providers across the globe.

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About Six Red Marbles

Six Red Marbles (SRM) delivers high-quality educational programs at scale and has decades of experience developing custom materials and assessments that can align with any educational standards. We have developed thousands of interactive learning programs for schools, publishers, universities, and more with the support of our global network of subject matter experts. A privately held company based in Boston, Mass., SRM brings modern, innovative instructional design, content and curriculum development, project management, and publishing to preK–12, higher education, adult learning, and publishing markets around the world.

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About FitMoney

FitMoney is a philanthropic nonprofit organization that provides free and accessible financial literacy curriculum to empower students with critical life skills for a financially fit future. FitMoney provides its four-star, proven classroom lessons for free to over 150 schools and organizations and has released new online tools for learning beyond the classroom. With the introduction of the FitMoney $upersquad, geared specifically for ages 5–12, FitMoney provides engaging, gamified learning experiences that create healthy financial habits while they are being formed.

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