Six Red Marbles Unveils CourseStart: Transforming Community College Education

Feb 7, 2024

[BOSTON, MA – February 7, 2024] – Six Red Marbles (SRM), a leader in innovative educational solutions, today announced the launch of CourseStart, a groundbreaking tool tailored to meet the evolving needs of community colleges. CourseStart offers a new approach to general education, combining a subscription-based library of 30 courses with a user-friendly, AI-powered course, class module, and assessment creation tool. 

“CourseStart is more than just a tool; it’s a reflection of our dedication to educational excellence and innovation. The product represents our commitment to enhancing educational access and quality in community colleges,” said Craig Halper, CEO of Six Red Marbles. “Leveraging our expertise in instructional design and technology, we’ve developed a solution that empowers educators to deliver exceptional learning experiences.” 

CourseStart features out-of-the-box courses crafted by experienced instructional designers and vetted with rigorous subject matter expert review, all enhanced by AI technology. This unique blend ensures high-quality, consistent, and adaptable course content, perfectly aligning with the diverse needs of community college students. 

“We recognize the challenges community colleges face, from resource constraints to the need for flexible, accessible content. CourseStart is our answer to these challenges,” explained Robin Zaccardo, Chief Experience Officer at SRM. 

CourseStart reduces the workload for faculty with ready-to-use courses and simplifies customization with intuitive tools. Its cost-effective subscription model allows colleges to avoid significant up-front investments, making quality education more accessible. 

The program ensures a uniform learning experience across courses, enhancing the educational journey for students. It also offers the flexibility to create assignments and assessment materials, further supporting faculty efforts. 

SRM, with its legacy dating back to the 1920s, has consistently delivered high-quality educational solutions across various sectors. The company’s focus on modern instructional design, content development, and editorial solutions positions it as an ideal partner for community colleges. 

About Six Red Marbles 

Six Red Marbles delivers high-quality educational programs at scale, with decades of experience in developing custom content, curricula, assessments, and more. Based in Boston, Mass., SRM’s global network of subject matter experts supports a wide range of educational projects, from preK–12 to higher education and adult learning. 

To learn more about CourseStart or to become a launch partner, visit or contact us at:  

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