Six Red Marbles Partners with Core Knowledge to Bridge the Digital Divide in Computer Science Curriculum

Oct 25, 2023

[BOSTON, MA 10/25/2023]The Core Knowledge Foundation (CK) selected Six Red Marbles (SRM) to help develop a new K–5 computer science curriculum. The collaboration resulted in a versatile and accessible curriculum aligned with the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) standards. 

“Collaborating with SRM has been an unparalleled experience. SRM, with their adept writers, editors, and creatives, brought our K–5 computer science curriculum vision to life seamlessly. My experience with SRM is undeniably positive, a testament to a partnership that simplifies complexities and consistently exceeds expectations,” said Dan Franck, Director of Science Curriculum at the Core Knowledge Foundation. 

 Setting the Objectives: Pioneering Excellence in Computer Science Education 

The Core Knowledge Computer Science (CKCompSci) initiative was formed to provide educators with a robust toolkit to cover the full scope of the CSTA standards for Grades K–5. This innovative program serves as both a supplemental unit for science or math classes and a standalone enrichment course. Notably, the program emphasizes “unplugged” activities, teaching fundamental pre-coding computer science skills and concepts without relying on electronic devices. 

“It’s an unexpected approach, but a closer look at the standards reveals that the foundational concepts for computer science can be effectively taught through a blend of device-based and unplugged interactions. The Core Knowledge Foundation’s approach makes computer science instruction accessible to all teachers, regardless of device access, and curates online open education resources for those with internet access. It’s a thoughtful combined strategy,” remarked Carri Walters, Executive Editor at Six Red Marbles. 

Empowering Educators, Inspiring Students 

Recognizing the vital role computer science literacy plays in today’s world, the Core Knowledge Computer Science project is designed to ensure that students develop a deep understanding of computer science concepts and critical thinking skills. This program dispels the notion that computer science education is solely about using devices efficiently. Instead, it focuses on nurturing students’ abilities to think critically, break down processes, and develop problem-solving skills—prerequisites to effective design, development, and coding. 

Through a captivating blend of factual fiction Student Books, hands-on activities, and immersive exercises, students embark on a journey of discovery, culminating in the application of their knowledge to digital and online resources. 

A Collaboration to Foster Unique Strengths 

The partnership between the Core Knowledge Foundation and SRM united two formidable strengths. The Core Knowledge Foundation’s steadfast commitment to knowledge-building and literacy enhancement in education sets a solid foundation. SRM’s expertise in managing complex processes and producing top-tier educational materials complements this vision seamlessly, bringing it to life. 

While it’s early days for CKCompSci, the impact it promises to make on computer science education is profound. Stay tuned as educators and students embark on this transformative journey, unlocking the boundless potential of computer science from an early age. 


About the Core Knowledge Foundation: 

Founded in 1986 by educator E. D. Hirsch Jr., the Core Knowledge Foundation is a nonprofit committed to advancing educational excellence and equity. With a focus on content-rich curricula, the foundation empowers educators and engages students in dynamic learning experiences. Guided by the belief in a shared body of knowledge, its programs, including the Core Knowledge Sequence, promote academic success, critical thinking, and cultural literacy. Learn more at  

About Six Red Marbles    

Six Red Marbles (SRM) delivers high-quality educational programs at scale and has decades of experience developing custom materials and assessments that can align with any educational standard. We have developed thousands of interactive learning programs for school districts, publishers, colleges, universities, and more with the support of our global network of subject matter experts. A privately held company based in Boston, Mass., SRM brings modern, innovative instructional design, content and curriculum development, project management, and publishing to preK–12, higher education, adult learning, and publishing markets around the world.     

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