Six Solutions Series: Working with Six Red Marbles Project Managers

Jun 18, 2024

working with six red marbles project managers. Six Solutions series.

At Six Red Marbles (SRM), our project management team is a vital part of facilitating the seamless end-to-end success of our projects. By adopting a client-centric approach and focusing on seamless execution, effective communication, proactive problem-solving, continuous support, and budget management and accountability, our project managers play an instrumental role in guiding clients through every stage of their project life cycles. Read on as we share how our project management team uses these six solutions to common challenges.  

Client-Centric Approach 

Challenge: A client has a tight timeline and a high volume of work. 

Solution: At SRM, we recognize the importance of meeting deadlines without sacrificing quality. Our project managers work with clients to understand their priorities and collaborate on workflows that meet their unique needs. For example, we can create thin-slice prototypes to help clients visualize the end product, ensuring satisfaction and confidence as we scale up. This approach not only helps us meet urgent timelines but also fosters trust and alignment between the client team and SRM. 

Seamless Execution 

Challenge: Education institutions require course materials to be delivered each semester on time, despite faculty’s challenging and busy schedules. 

Solution: Our project managers orchestrate seamless execution through meticulous planning and coordination. We work with faculty members to ensure that course materials are ready for each new term. This includes proactive scheduling, regular follow-ups, and agile adjustments to accommodate last-minute changes. Our commitment to punctuality and precision guarantees that courses are prepared and delivered to go live on time, every time. 

Effective Communication 

Challenge: A client has a challenging project schedule with multiple stakeholders and competing priorities. 

Solution: Effective and proactive communication is key to keeping projects on track. Our project managers utilize comprehensive project planning, dashboards, regular status meetings, risk mitigation strategies, and problem-solving techniques to maintain project momentum. When delays arise, we step in to identify and address the root causes. Through open, honest, and empathetic communication, we collaborate with clients to overcome any concerns or obstacles. By offering flexible solutions and adjusting timelines as needed, we ensure that SRM’s team can maintain momentum and deliver on schedule, keeping the project on track and meeting all deadlines. 

 Proactive Problem-Solving 

Challenge: A client is concerned about accessibility in its product and needs actionable recommendations on how to include accessibility in its courses. 

Solution: At Six Red Marbles, our project managers bring years of experience in the education industry and act as trusted advisors to our client partners. When a client seeks to enhance its courses with accessible features, our team steps in to navigate these challenges. We collaborate with our accessibility experts to assess the current state of the courses and identify areas for improvement. By staying ahead of potential issues and offering expert guidance, we help clients implement meaningful and practical accessibility solutions, ensuring that all learners can engage effectively with the content. 

Continuous Support 

Challenge: Building and maintaining strong client relationships is crucial for ensuring the success of a project. 

Solution: At SRM, we prioritize open communication and foster a collaborative environment from the start. By taking the time to understand our clients’ needs, goals, and challenges, we establish a foundation of trust and mutual respect. Our project management team provides continuous support, regularly checking in, offering guidance, and being readily available to address any concerns. This proactive approach not only keeps the project on track but also ensures that clients feel valued and confident in the process. The strong relationships we build with clients lead to successful, long-lasting partnerships and outstanding project outcomes. 

Budget Management and Accountability 

Challenge: Managing budget tracking, oversight, and accountability is critical for a project’s success.
Solution: At SRM, we are committed to delivering excellence, not just in the final product but throughout the entire project life cycle. Our project managers are experts in budget tracking and financial oversight, ensuring that projects stay on time and within budget. With years of experience and a well-established process, they raise flags before issues arise, providing proactive solutions. Our project management team meticulously monitors expenditures, allocates resources efficiently, and maintains transparent communication with clients regarding financial status. By prioritizing oversight and accountability, we deliver high-quality, polished, and professional products that meet and often exceed our clients’ expectations while ensuring fiscal responsibility and project success. 

In Summary 

Six Red Marbles project managers go above and beyond to guide clients through every stage of their projects, from inception to completion. By addressing potential challenges with expert solutions and maintaining a steadfast commitment to excellence, we consistently deliver outstanding results that meet and exceed client expectations. 

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