SRM Spotlight | 4 Things to Know About Our LXD Team

Jan 17, 2019

Our learning experience design (LXD) team members are experts at transforming complex educational content into meaningful learning experiences, from elementary school interactives to professional development courses. Whether it’s moving your courses online or creating blended programs, we help your students learn material in the most impactful way possible. Like instructional design, our LXD designers work to move courses online successfully—but we focus on research into the unique needs, culture, and environment of learners on each project, and customize the experience specifically for YOUR learners.

What does LXD offer?

Learning Science.

Learning science is a field of research focused on how instructional design and practices, learning environment, and the cognition, motivation, and behavior of learners come together to shape the learning processes we use to inform our LXD. We use methods focused on helping the learner make mental connections to content, link new material to prior knowledge, and draw upon new learning to problem solve and apply learning to real-world scenarios.

Holistic Approach.

By focusing on the learner—and the learner’s peers and environment—we create impactful and memorable courses for our clients. We identify nuances in environment and culture through research prior to working and test product risks early in the development cycle to ensure a sturdy foundation for all projects. At times, this involves doing needs analysis and prototyping with our clients.

Full Service.

The LXD team truly lives at the intersection of education and technology. We understand the importance of educational theory and design thinking to maximize the learning experience based on client budget, criteria, and learner needs. We influence all phases of a project, from the initial discovery phase, rapid prototyping, evidence-based learning, and concept refinement to rigorous learning testing and production oversight to ensure continuity throughout.


Our LXD team has worked on thousands of interactive learning programs for more than 100 universities, publishers, schools, and tech companies. Our combined experience fosters great learning programs. Given the talent of our team, we can support modern learning models to customize for a special demand or to scale in a consistent, repeatable way. We customize our expertise to fit your needs!

SRM’s learning experience design methodology allows us to create rich interactive experiences that excite and engage all types of learners, and we have a strong record of doing it—and doing it well.

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