Core Knowledge Foundation

What we did: student readers and teacher guides for Core Knowledge History & Geography series

How we did it

SRM partnered with the Core Knowledge Foundation to help develop student readers and teacher guides for its Core Knowledge History and Geography series for grades 3 through 6. Adapted from an existing Pearson program, Six Red Marbles revised and edited 27 units of the Pearson four-color student readers to align with the company’s knowledge-based educational philosophy and ensure a highly engaging student product.

The result

The program integrates civics and the arts with knowledge of diverse civilizations, cultures, and concepts. As part of our work, Six Red Marbles wrote new teacher guides with detailed lesson plans, timelines, assessments, and activity pages to accompany each unit of the program. Units covered a wide range of world history and U.S. history topics. The project included updating art, photos, and maps for the richly illustrated student guides, providing photo research and page composition through final files of all components.

We improved student engagement with 12 redesigned lessons for American Student Assistance.

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