Discovery Education

What we did: create a breakthrough digital textbook to make math dynamic and fresh.

How we did it

SRM partnered with Discovery Education to design and develop a breakthrough digital textbook with a student-driven approach. We incorporated digital interactives, hands-on activities, games, video-based investigations, alt-text for all images and equations, and self-directed projects. Common Core State Standards were integrated throughout the material.

The result

We created guidelines, checklists, and rubrics to guide design as well as ensure high-quality, consistent content. Our revolutionary all-digital “Techbook” for middle and high school math across all subjects did far more than engage students with dynamic media and content, it fostered deep understanding and a true appreciation of the beauty and usefulness of math through a completely student-driven, inquiry-based approach.

We moved more than 20 on-ground courses online for the Boston College MBA Program.

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