Marbles Answering Platform

What we did: answered more than 3 million questions in 33 months while maintaining high quality and low costs. 

How we did it

When a client approached us about answering a million questions in a year, we developed the Marbles Answering Platform (MAP) and its workflow, which is a flexible tool that allows us to answer questions at scale while maintaining high quality, and we created recruiting, training, and onboarding processes to build a large team of subject matter experts. This innovative tool includes extensive metadata management and a dashboard, with a wide range of reporting available. MAP currently can handle a dozen different question types, from multiple select to step-by-step ledger calculations, and can be customized to work with any authoring platform.

The result

Our SMEs have answered over three million questions—and counting—with efficiency and accuracy. The challenges encountered in developing MAP encouraged our team to think creatively and build a tool that is flexible and can expand with the client’s needs. Learners receive timely, helpful rationales to help them arrive at the correct answer to a problem. MAP allows us to answer a high volume of questions at a low cost while maintaining the high quality SRM prides itself on providing.

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