West Academic

What we did: developed simulations with a larger program geared toward law students studying evidence.

How we did it

The West Academic courtroom simulations were created as a gamified supplement to the required textbook, with students using the interactives to practice their skills in a courtroom. Users assume the role of a litigator or a judge. In the litigator role, they listen to lifelike audio of a witness being questioned by opposing counsel. In the judge role, they listen to both litigators and are required to either overrule or sustain objections written into the story.

The result

Students were engaged and allowed to simulate a real-world experience, and were provided feedback and scored after each action according to their successes. We were involved every step of the way, with concept development, learning experience design, UX/UI and visual design, storyboarding development and oversight, illustration creation and art direction, voice-over production, storyline build, and project management.

We brought history and geography to life with a series for Core Knowledge Foundation.

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