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A new course-leasing model for higher ed

Are you looking to launch a new program?

We are offering a program- and course-leasing model designed for institutions looking for a low-risk, fair, and efficient way to scale their online offerings.

Leasing high-quality, low-cost courses allows your institution to accelerate program development.​

We’re looking for launch partners.


How SRM Is Transforming Business Models in Higher Education

Through working on hundreds of programs and thousands of courses, our learning experience design team has developed a course design model that any institution can integrate based on its own needs.

Key qualities of this 3-credit-hour, turnkey course design:

  • Flexible design that can support different term lengths
  • Support for online, blended, and HyFlex modalities
  • Real-world relevance with authentic assignments and discussion topics
  • Textbook agnosticism
  • Alignment to Quality Matters best practices
  • Activity- and media-rich content

We partner with higher education institutions to develop interactive and engaging products using a holistic, learner-centered approach.

We’re looking for launch partners. Are you an institution looking to launch a new program with lower risk? Let us know!

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