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At Six Red Marbles, we don’t just follow trends in higher education publishing; we set them. We partner with top-tier publishers and open-resource creators on everything from traditional textbooks to the latest digital platforms, ensuring content meets and exceeds the expectations of today’s learners.

Diverse Service Range: Our comprehensive services span the entire spectrum of educational content—from creation to delivery.

Scalable Solutions: Whether you’re handling a small project or a large-scale initiative, we guarantee quality and consistency at every step.

Customized Approach: We understand that every project is unique. That’s why we collaborate closely with you to align our services with your specific goals and needs.

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Recent Higher Education Publishing Projects

Developing supplemental materials for anthropology and philosophy texts, Six Red Marbles created instructors’ manuals, test banks, and PowerPoint presentations. Our initiative in enhancing the guidelines and deploying multiple writers and editors showcased our ability to meet tight deadlines with exceptional content.

We partnered with an open-source higher ed publisher to create comprehensive assessment questions for their textbooks. Our approach included detailed program outlines and rigorous peer review, ensuring each assessment was perfectly aligned with learning objectives and standards.

Tasked with writing hundreds of NCLEX-style assessments, Six Red Marbles assembled a team of expert BSN and MSN nurse educators. Our high-quality, on-time deliveries showcased our ability to scale and adapt to the client’s needs, providing a comprehensive review and copyediting service.

Partnering with OpenStax, Six Red Marbles played a crucial role in developing a DEI framework for textbook creation. Our contributions in diverse content development and peer review processes align with OpenStax’s vision of making education universally accessible and inclusive.



  • Needs analysis
  • Program design
  • Course design templates
  • LMS support
  • Content mapping
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Syllabi & lesson plans


  • Learning games and gamification
  • Interactive simulations
  • Software and media development
  • 3D model development
  • ePUB development (reflowable, fixed format, MOBI)
  • LMS integration


  • Product development workshops
  • Early engagement planning
  • Accessibility consultation
  • Legacy product reuse
  • New project planning
  • XML workflow design & implementation


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