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We’re a curriculum and technology partner that helps you scale¬†high-quality content with agility and expertise.

At Six Red Marbles, we excel in crafting bespoke materials that address specific learning objectives and seamlessly integrate into your preferred learning platform or modality. We leverage cutting-edge technology, innovative techniques, and subject matter experts to deliver exceptionally engaging and interactive content suitable for traditional, online, and hybrid learning environments.

With nearly 30 years of industry expertise, we unlock educational excellence. We are committed to driving learner success through our high-quality tailored content and adaptive curricula. Our comprehensive assessment solutions enable meaningful evaluation of student progress, utilizing adaptive and technology-enabled assessment services to foster better learning outcomes.

Ready to transform your educational content?

We’re not just another education company; we’re your trusted content and technology partner. When it comes to scaling, reducing costs, and accelerating your educational initiatives, nobody does it better than us. With our expertise in curriculum development, learning development, and instructional design, we empower you to achieve your educational goals efficiently and effectively.

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What We Do



  • Needs analysis
  • Program design
  • Course design templates
  • LMS support
  • Content mapping
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Syllabi & lesson plans


  • Learning games and gamification
  • Interactive simulations
  • Software and media development
  • 3D model development
  • ePUB development (reflowable, fixed format, MOBI)
  • LMS integration


  • Content analysis
  • Scope & sequence development
  • Program & course descriptions
  • Research
  • Standards correlations
  • Asset specifications
  • Writing & editing

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