Our services span big picture to the smallest detail.

Our well-established production processes provide our customers with the highest level of quality published content—both print and digital.

Our production team has expertise in developing, planning, and producing detailed, complex page layouts. We can provide photo research, procurement, and licensing services because we have an agreement with almost all leading photo agencies. We specialize in finding and procuring the perfect photo for every need, ranging from general lifestyle to wildlife and fine art, and we know how to work with nontraditional sources and clear image rights if you need it. We can do the same for videos, text, and audio, too.

In addition to page layouts and photo research, we also create and produce our own art and media. From simple illustration services for elementary textbooks to complex infographics, animations, and videos, our production team can meet any publishing or media needs required for your learning solution.

From cover designs and layouts for printed materials to e-book, XML, or LMS digital outputs, Six Red Marbles will work with you—and include a final quality check for good measure—to ensure your product is ready to launch.

We can provide extensive services because we hire extraordinary talent.

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  • Interior book design, cover, & spine design
  • Composition, page design, & layout
  • eBooks (all formats)
  • LMS build
  • Content migration
  • Quality assurance & testing
  • Color correction & image manipulation
  • Reprint work
  • Asset development
  • DEIA review and revision
  • Conversion services including PDF, XML, HTML5, ePub, Mobi, and Nook
  • Full key/code and edit
  • Accessibility integration
  • Text, image, & audio/video permissions
  • Technical quality assurance
  • Content & art quality assurance
  • Accuracy & answer checking
  • Functional QA testing
  • Typesetting

End Products

  • Student editions
  • Teacher editions
  • Trade & academic titles
  • Ancillaries
  • Test prep & practice
  • Teacher resource tools
  • Online courses
  • Online lab generators
  • Online activities
  • DEIA sensitivity guidelines
  • iOS, Android, whiteboards
  • Web applications
  • iBook
  • PARRC assessments
  • Smarter balance assessments
  • Common core assessments
  • State editions
  • Intervention/enrichment

Wondering if we can tackle your particular production needs? Chances are, we can. We’ve been offering full-service production solutions for more than two decades.

American Student Assistance: We redesigned 12 lessons to improve student engagement and effectiveness.

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Core Knowledge Foundation: We customized a History and Geography series mapped to the organization's educational philosophy.

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Our production team can plug in with your team, or take the ball and run with it.

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