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In today’s rapidly changing world, learners have embraced a new era of education that responds to their ever-evolving needs. 

At Six Red Marbles, we have an innovative approach that blends our extensive industry experience and expertise in technology like AI (artificial intelligence), interactives, and 3-D models that allow us to create engaging, tech-forward learning experiences. We invest in learning about new technologies, like ChatGPT, so we can provide the best tools and practices to our clients. Explore our comprehensive list of services below and let us be your trusted partner on this transformative journey.


  • AI-enabled solutions 
  • Learning games and gamification 
  • Interactive simulations 
  • Software and media development 
  • Integrated workflow solutions 
  • Process reengineering solutions
  • Optimized content distribution 
  • 3-D model development 
  • ePUB development; reflowable, fixed format, MOBI 
  • Automated content conversions 
  • LMS integration migration, updates & maintenance
  • Refactoring to new technologies 
  • Custom development 

AI-Enabled Services 

  • Consultation: With our expertise in content development workflows, we can help you focus your AI efforts to meet your goals. 
  • Development and Implementation: We can help you turn your ideas into AI solutions.  
  • AI-Generated Content: Our experts can develop a variety of content, including imagery, videos, translations, and more. 
  • AI Strategy Building: Our strategy optimizes operations, reduces speed to market, and drives revenue growth through strategic artificial intelligence implementation. 
  • AI-Based Automation: Our process streamlines workflows, improves efficiency, and reduces manual efforts with advanced AI solutions that automate various business functions, enhancing productivity and performance. 

CourseStart: A uniform, customizable course library created by expert instructional designers, SME-reviewed, and powered by AI.

The future of community college education is here.

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