About SRM

We have a history of innovation and a passion for curiosity.

We have pushed the educational envelope for decades. We innovate alongside our clients, and we have thought and rethought about how to best reach students of all ages by designing and developing learning experiences that capture interest and spark curiosity.

It may seem like we’re a shiny new company, but we’ve been in the education space since the 1920s. Starting out as Monotype, typesetting for texts, we expanded to be a full-service company by adding design and editorial services. With a full-service team in place, we could write, edit, lay out, typeset, and print educational materials for our clients—and that’s exactly what they needed! But with the rapid shift to computers and digital learning, we knew we had to innovate to be able to provide our clients what they would need moving forward. So we brought in an organization specializing in digital media, games, and solutions specific to education—Six Red Marbles—and kept the name.

As our business grew, we added Brown Publishing Network, a traditional educational content development and publishing house. With the addition of Jouve North America, we have expanded even further to include publishing for trade, university, and academic publishers across the world. Bringing in Triple SSS Press has increased our position as a leader in higher education content and course development. And every day, we continue to build out these teams and our expertise. It’s why we’re the first stop for major publishers, universities, and organizations. SRM is part of the Luminess Group, a global provider of cross-media solutions for designing, enriching, and distributing content. Luminess is based in France and has nearly 1,500 employees worldwide.

About Six Red Marbles

With a complete menu of services now including digital expertise, we can work with your existing team to complete select parts of a project you’re producing. Or if you prefer, we can handle the entire process from start to finish. Regardless, we have you covered, no matter the need. We serve the preK–12, adult learning, higher education, and publishing markets.

Our Mission: To create innovative learning experiences.

Our Vision: To teach, inspire, and prepare generations of lifelong learners.

At Six Red Marbles, we have and always will imprint our passion for education and our commitment to innovation onto every educational experience we design, develop, and deliver to our trusted partners.

The Bigger Picture

It sounds lofty because it is. Our vision at Six Red Marbles is to harness the power of both our talented people and our passion for innovation to create educational experiences that not only teach but transform students of all ages into students for life.

Why the name Six Red Marbles? To start, we have six core services. Red means determination and passion to us. And finally, marbles are both whimsical and a nod to keeping our wits about us.

What Makes Us Different

  • We have a history of educational innovation.
  • We take a learner-first approach to all content.
  • We hire passionate, experienced people who take an innovative, tech-forward approach.
  • We create custom, award-winning content that truly engages.
  • We offer a global perspective, creating quality content with SMEs around the world.
  • We are Always a Student: learning, adapting, and advancing to overcome educational obstacles.

The best way to get to know us is to talk to us.

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