What we did: created an immersive world that teaches K–5 financial literacy.

How we did it

FitMoney and Six Red Marbles united to create an immersive world that teaches grades K–5 financial literacy. $uperSquad is a gamified learning experience featuring animated video, interactive activities, assessments, and an ongoing narrative complete with customizable avatars by our expert LXD team.


The result

FitMoney and SRM collaborated to create $uperSquad, an interactive curriculum that gamified financial literacy education. By incorporating game elements and an ongoing narrative, $uperSquad captivated children’s attention and made learning enjoyable. STEAM integration fostered critical thinking and creativity alongside financial literacy. The program empowered students with vital skills for money management, increased engagement, and received positive feedback from educators and parents. This groundbreaking case study showcases the power of collaboration and innovation in shaping the educational landscape and transforming young lives.

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