There is art to our science, and science to our art.

We believe in creating products that are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. We understand the importance of comprehensive UX design principles, and we use them to build outstanding assets.

Our creativity is used as a tool to increase engagement and usability for every project we work on, and our goals are always to create aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use solutions for our clients. From simple illustrations to complex interactives, technology plays a large part in our ability to create high-quality products and to ensure they always provide a meaningful experience for learners.

The work of the creative team at Six Red Marbles is driven by heuristic practices and user testing to produce intuitive interfaces so that students of all ages can easily engage with them. At Six Red Marbles, our digital media development team can work in any environment. We can also adapt our approach to suit specific technological and educational requirements. Our technology is invisible, enabling learners to connect with content—with excitement and without frustration.


Visual Design

Focused on digital products, our visual design team comprises experts in everything from UX/UI and storyboarding to compatible and responsive mobile and platform designs.

Creative Design

The creative design team works to provide the most complementary media we can for our clients’ content—and if that means we need to make it from scratch, we will.


From consulting to full-blown production, SRM can produce any videos you need for your course or curriculum—including voice-over, scripting, filming, and editing.


As technology rapidly improves, so do accessibility standards. Let us help you figure out what you need to make sure your course is accessible—or let us update it for you.

Additional Services

  • Character development
  • Technical, scientific art
  • Image manipulation
  • Color correction
  • Photo/video research
  • Map creation
  • Infographic Design
  • Cover/page design
  • Animations
  • User interface/user experience
  • Responsive design
  • Web/app/page design
  • iPad
  • HTML5, JavaScript

Creativity is infused into everything we do, from design and development to final product.

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Visual & Creative Design

Our digital media development team creates intuitive, engaging interfaces that allow learners to avoid frustrating technological hurdles and get straight to the learning experience. We do so by putting UX/UI at the center of everything we create. We implement an iterative prototyping process to ensure seamless design and avoid costly fixes later in the process. And we ensure responsive design is part of how we design websites, apps, and individual pages.

Production Services

From character development to designing technical, scientific art, the team at Six Red Marbles is well versed in all aspects of production, whether audio/video, digital, or print. We help our clients with image manipulation, color correction, photo/video research, map creation, fine art buying, cover/page design, and animations.

We work with preK–12, adult learning, higher education, and publishing markets to create powerful and meaningful experiences for learners of all ages.


Designing and developing for intuitive user interactions is one thing—doing so for people with physical or cognitive disabilities is another. Did you know that there are certain types of digital interactives that are inherently not accessible? We do, and we have myriad approaches to make these interactives accessible. From baseline accessibility (WCAG 2.0 A) to setting the standard of accessibility in your field (WCAG 2.0 AAA), we know how to discuss, approach, outline, develop, test, and enact a solution to whatever version of accessibility your goal may be.

Discovery Education: A breakthrough digital textbook makes math dynamic and fresh for K–12.

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Core Knowledge Foundation: We customized a History and Geography series mapped to the organization's educational philosophy.

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Our creative services can supplement your team, or tackle a project from concept to completion.

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