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We provide educational solutions that engage, inspire, and transform.

With a history of innovation, Six Red Marbles is leading the way in the next phase of education. We’re designing and developing content and services that truly immerse students and transform them into lifelong learners.

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LearningExperience Design™




Technology &Innovation

Six Red Marbles delivers high-quality educational programs at scale and has years of experience developing custom materials and assessments that can align with any educational standard. We have developed thousands of interactive learning programs for schools, publishers, universities, and more with the support of our global network of subject matter experts.

Content Development

The content we create puts learners of any age front and center. We’ve learned that taking a personalized approach results in learners who are more involved, more captivated, and more likely to keep up with coursework—and our content development team produces materials and assessments that can align with any educational frameworks or standards.

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Learning Experience Design™

It’s a synthesis of instructional design, educational pedagogy, neuroscience, social sciences, design thinking, and user interface/user experience design (UI/UX). Learning experience design employs a holistic approach, taking into account the lesson, the learner, and the learner’s peers and environment. This innovative approach, unique to us, impacts initial discovery, rapid prototyping, evidence-based learning, concept refinement, learner testing, and production oversight.

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Project Management

We believe that making projects run smoothly is equal parts art and science. That’s why we provide smart, dedicated people and incorporate time-proven processes and tools. Efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency are the cornerstones of our project management team, which has long worked with publishers, universities, schools, and companies to keep projects running on time and on budget.

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Our creativity increases engagement and usability for every project we work on—and our goals are always to create aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use solutions for our clients. From simple illustrations to complex interactives, technology helps us create high-quality products and ensures they provide meaningful experiences for learners.

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Our offerings are as full-service or as specialized as needed by the markets and clients we serve. From composition to digital production, image manipulation to color correction, resizing to layout adjustment, and photo searches to file preparation, our team is well versed in all aspects of both print and digital production.

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Technology & Innovation

Technology’s influence on our daily lives means learners today are more technology-savvy than generations before them. To engage modern students, we must constantly push the envelope by incorporating digital learning objects, interactive simulations, learning games, augmented reality/virtual reality, and video to ensure our projects are at the forefront of education and technology.

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