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Technology and innovation should propel students forward.

Students have evolved, and so has the way all of us consume information. We’re bringing those two things together, with an engaging, tech-forward approach to our learning experiences.

Six Red Marbles always seeks to adapt to the needs of our clients, and we’ve been doing just that for decades. In the past few years, technology has become a huge piece of the education puzzle. So we’ve made sure to invest in learning about the best tools and practices to lead our clients—and their learners—into the future of education technology.

Of course, with every new tech development, it’s hard not to get excited when you consider how it may apply to our markets and—ultimately—to the student. But we do so cautiously and with intention, creating interactives and digital content that are more than cool—they’re compelling.

We don’t utilize technology and innovation for the sake of doing “what’s new.” It’s about thinking through the student experience and tapping into that transformative moment where learning becomes more than a lesson. Technology and innovation help us do so.

We’re always learning, innovating, and sharing our knowledge and lessons.

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  • Digital learning objects
  • Interactive simulations
  • Learning games
  • Media, coding, & technical app/game development
  • Augmented reality (AR)/virtual reality (VR)
  • Product development (reflowable ePub/ePub 3, XML, Fixed format ePubs, MOBI, Multi-language composition, augmented/web PDF, POD, Office software, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, QuickBooks, FileMaker)
  • Workflow
  • Integrations

What does it mean to be innovative in this space? It’s certainly not about latching onto the latest buzzword or piece of tech. It does mean being fluent in technology so that we can offer the best solutions for our customers. It does mean looking at how to create learning experiences across age groups, student types, and environments from a fresh perspective. It means putting the student first and filtering all that we do through that lens—and using technology and innovation to get us there.

Technology helps us improve digital content by increasing engagement through interactives, animations, videos, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. It also helps us improve access to educational content by ensuring accessibility and learning the tools that students are already using so we can meet them where they are. Not to mention, it helps us improve our internal processes—which ensures your products are built on time, on schedule, and at the highest quality.

We don’t believe in implementing technology for technology’s sake. We take great care to understand and implement innovations that can help us reach our ultimate goal: creating students for life.

Want to see how technology can drive your content and student engagement forward?

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