Why Six Red Marbles

We are a company built on constant learning.

We don’t rely on how we did things years ago or even yesterday. “Always a Student” means that as a company and as a partner we always innovate, evolve, optimize, and—yes—learn.

We strive to do right by our clients and right by our people, surrounding ourselves with those who are just as passionate about education as we are. We work hard to understand our clients’ unique needs and find joy in helping them meet their goals. Our customers come back to us year after year because they know they can count on us.


We have researched, designed, and developed thousands of award-winning print and digital learning experiences for schools, publishers, start-ups, universities, and education services providers, with rave reviews along the way. We’re also transparent, collaborative, caring, flexible, tech-forward, and fun to work with. That’s how the best work is created and why we deliver with a consistent level of quality time and again.

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Six Red Marbles employs an iterative process of strategy, design, and creative development to identify learner and business needs. As we go through our process, we’re able to identify innovative solutions for those needs, testing at key decision points throughout the process.

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From preK–12 to adult learning to highereducation, we always put the student first.

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Our marbles are what make us a leader in the content solution space, and they have been for decades. They are subject matter experts, editors, curriculum developers, project managers, innovators, and so much more.

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We are always seeking talent for short-term and long-term projects or full-time employment. You can explore our open positions and apply online on our Careers page. Please feel free to share your contact information with us for future reference. You can also visit us on LinkedIn.

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