We’re always looking for more marbles to join our team.

Simply put, our people are our core. We are a services company, and the expertise and work of our marbles are why our clients come to us and why we do what we do.

We’re always looking for talented, experienced people for short-term and long-term projects or full-time employment. Explore our open positions listed below, and apply online. Feel free to share your contact information with us for future reference as well. You can also visit us on LinkedIn.

Open Positions

Location Position
Remote Proposal and Pricing Associate
Remote Director of Higher Education Partnerships

Current Freelance Opportunities

Great freelancers and subject matter experts are the foundation of much of the work we do at Six Red Marbles. If you are interested in working with us as a freelancer, select the link below that best matches your strengths and interests. It will take you to an informational survey that helps us to align your skillsets to the right projects, meet clients goals and expectations, and set you up for success.

General Freelancers – All freelancers can apply here for K–12, higher ed, and corporate ed positions. We’re always looking for great writers, editors, designers, and subject matter experts to join our team.

Learning Experience Design (LXD) – Instructional designers, UI/UX designers, and interactive experts can apply here to help Six Red Marbles and our clients create innovative, cutting-edge online and digital learning experiences.

Nursing – Six Red Marbles is looking for the following professionals to help create a wide variety of nursing education materials: subject matter experts at the MSN and DNP/PhD/DNSc levels, managing editors, textbook authors, assessment/ancillary writers, and reviewers.

Technology – High-tech folks apply here. We’re looking for experts in a variety of tech applications to help create content and assessments for technology courses and professional certifications.

Voiceover Talent – Post your sample audio files here if you’re interested in doing voiceover work for Six Red Marbles.

We only bring the best and the brightest to our team. Interested in a career with Six Red Marbles? Lifelong learners need apply.

What Makes Us Marbles

We have a long history of educational innovation

We’re not new in the industry, but that doesn’t mean we rest on our laurels. We are constantly seeking out new ways to engage learners and put them at the center of the educational experience.

We take a learner-first approach to all content

Understanding what learners care about means getting to know the learner and their environment. We do just that, crafting our content to consider the learner first and foremost, putting them at the center of it all.

We hire passionate, experienced people

This is where candidates like you come into the picture. Our people make all the difference, pushing our company and our content to be of a level all its own. Their care shows in the solutions we produce for learners of all ages.

We offer a global perspective

Our team spans Boston, Austin, Brattleboro, Delhi, and Chennai because we believe in creating quality content with SMEs around the world. That perspective allows us to deliver quality and efficiency like no one else.

We do right by our people and partners

We strive for transparency in all we do and how we do it, among one another and with our partners. We work together to find the best solution, not the easiest solution, for the best experience for learners everywhere.

We are Always a Student®

At Six Red Marbles, we pride ourselves on always learning, adapting, and advancing so that we may transform learners of all ages into learners for life. We are constantly seeking out the latest technology and innovate as a team to create content that engages and ultimately affects the student on a deeper level.

Best Workplace

At Six Red Marbles, we’re committed to making our offices a best workplace for our employees. That means providing them with an environment that rewards forward-thinking: surrounding them with tools to not only get the job done but rethink how the job should be done. We want to listen, encourage, be transparent, and do right by one another. And we strive to do just that every day in every office.

If you have questions about what it’s like to work with or for Six Red Marbles, we’re happy to answer.

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