Pre K–12

Creating students for life starts with a strong foundation.

Expectations for students have evolved, as has the way all of us consume information. At the intersection of these truths is where you’ll find Six Red Marbles, designing and developing engaging, tech-forward learning experiences.

The Pre K–12 Market

Our editors cut their teeth in classrooms and at leading preK–12 content development companies, as well as start-ups.

Our content development team draws decades of experience in all levels of the publishing and education industries. And it shows. The materials and assessments our team creates can align with any educational framework or national standards, including state, Common Core, NGSS, and WIDA ELD standards.

We approach the evolving needs of school districts with a focus on unique content needs, diverse learning gaps, and changing priorities through content review & specializations, gap analysis, curriculum & content alignment, and much more.

Our content development team has decades of experience and can align to any framework or standard—even the custom ones.

Producing unique English language arts, math, science, and social studies curriculum, our content development team works closely with our learning experience design, creative, and project management teams to ensure that the final product isn’t just complete: it’s compelling.

We’re a leading creator of innovative digital and blended learning programs for publishers.

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